2010WWRC Press Release

Canada Bests Great Britain to Win The Opening Game of the 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships

September 21, 2010

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Richmond, BC — The 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships has just begun, but Canada is already proving why they’re a tournament favourite. The Canadians scored a decisive 48—41 victory over ninth-ranked Great Britain in front of a sold-out crowd of school children waving signs and cheering, “Go Canada Go!”

“It was a great first win for us against a very quality opponent,” said Canadian Head Coach Kevin Orr. “We felt that GB was one of the strongest teams here at the tournament, so for us to come out with a win was very good for Team Canada.”

Canada won the tip-off and struck the first blow. Canadian co-captain and hometown favourite Ian Chan provided early leadership for Canada, scoring the bulk of the goals and using his speed to stymie the British offense. Each line-up team Canada subbed in maintained aggressive full-court pressure and by halftime, Canada was sitting at a 25—20 lead.

“We wanted to score as many goals as we can as fast as possible so that we [would] have another chance on defense to press them and maybe get a turnover,” explained Chan.

Great Britain, however, would not go down without a fight. Under the leadership of Troye Collins and Alan Ash, the British forced some turnovers of their own to come within four at the end of the third quarter. Canada’s solid ball-handling, however, made it impossible for Great Britain to gain any momentum. Canada continued to roll with all cylinders firing despite multiple line changes and won the game by a seven-point margin.

“We ran 11 [of 12] players and no other team will do that this week,” said Co-Captain Dave Willsie.

On the second court, the defending champions Team USA sent a message that they are the team to beat with a 54—37 routing of Germany. Though Germany crept back to within three late in the first half, they struggled in the second half to score against America’s physical play.

Photographs of today's games are available at http://www.2010wwrc.com/media/media-kit. Please credit 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships/Kevin Bogetti-Smith.

Team Canada’s quest to become 2010 world champions on home soil continues with the following games:

Wednesday, Sept 22
Noon - Canada vs. Finland
7 pm - Canada vs. Germany

Thursday, Sept 23
Noon - Canada vs. Sweden

Friday, Sept 24
7 pm - Canada vs. USA

À diffuser dès réception
Le 21 septembre 2010

Richmond, CB — Le Championnat du monde de rugby en fauteuil roulant de 2010 vient à peine de commencer et le Canada a déjà démontré pourquoi il est un des favoris du tournoi. En effet, les Canadiens ont enregistré une victoire décisive de 48 à 41 face à la Grande-Bretagne, classée neuvième, devant une salle comble, pleine d'écoliers brandissant des panneaux et chantant «Go Canada Go!»

«Cela a été une excellente victoire contre un adversaire de toute première qualité» a précisé l'entraîneur en chef canadien Kevin Orr, qui poursuit : «Selon nous, la Grande-Bretagne est une des équipes les plus fortes du tournoi, c'est donc une très bonne victoire pour Équipe Canada».

Le Canada a remporté le coup d'envoi, pris tout de suite l'initiative et marqué le premier point du match. Ian Chan, co-capitaine de l'équipe canadienne et favori local de la foule, a placé son équipe en tête, marquant une bonne partie des premiers buts du Canada, profitant de sa vitesse pour mystifier la défense de la Grande-Bretagne. Toutes les lignes présentées par le Canada ont maintenu avec agressivité une pression sur tout le terrain, si bien que le Canada menait par 25 à 20 à la mi-temps.

Cependant, la Grande-Bretagne ne s'avouait pas encore vaincue. Emmenée par Troye Collins et par Alan Ash, la formation britannique a provoqué plusieurs revirements pour revenir à la marque, si bien que le Canada ne menait plus que par quatre buts à la fin du troisième quart-temps. Mais les Canadiens ont manié le ballon à la perfection, empêchant ainsi la Grande-Bretagne d'obtenir le moindre momentum. Le Canada a continué à caracoler en tête, malgré de multiples changements de lignes, et il a fini par l'emporter par une confortable marge de sept points.

«Onze de nos douze joueurs ont évolué sur le terrain, et je pense qu'aucune autre équipe ne réalisera cette prouesse cette semaine» fait remarquer fièrement le co-capitaine canadien Dave Willsie.

Sur le deuxième terrain, l'équipe des États-Unis, championne en titre, a lancé un message clair en écrasant l'Allemagne 54 à 37: «C'est nous qui sommes l'équipe à battre!» Même si l'Allemagne est revenue à trois petits buts d'écart à la fin de la première mi-temps, elle a eu du mal à marquer en deuxième demie, face au jeu très physique des Américains.

La quête du titre de champion du monde 2010, entamée par Équipe Canada qui évolue à domicile, se poursuit par les matches suivants :

Mercredi 22 septembre à 12 h 00 : Canada vs. Finlande
À 19 h 00 : Canada vs. Allemagne
Jeudi 23 septembre, à 12 h 00 : Canada vs. Suède
Vendredi 24 septembre à 19 h 00 : Canada vs. USA


BEL 51 POL 39


Belgium Team Coach and Captain Bob Vanacker (#7): We are really happy about it. Things worked pretty well today, the press was working well. The chemistry was really good. So if we play a second game like that we have a chance of winning.

I have a lot of ambition to coach and still play so I manage to combine being both being player and coach, and so far it is working.



Poland Team Captain Bartosz Zielski (# 9): We lost and we are not happy with that. This is our first competition in a World Championship so I hope in the next game we will be more calm and not nervous, then we can concentrate on our tactics.

Personally I didn’t know that a gym like this exists. It is so big. We were nervous. We have never played on this level.


AUS 65 JPN 52


Australia Team co-Captain Cameron Carr (#13): It went really well. Japan came out really fast and flying. They had a good game plan and put us under a lot of pressure. We were good enough to hold them out and build a comfortable lead.


Australia team player Ryley Batt (#3): I think we came out fairly good for our first game of the tournament. We haven’t had any warm up games so we played really good.

Japan Team Captain Yoshito Sato (#10): When we competed at the Canada Cup it wasn’t so good but this time we were well prepared and we think we played very well. We all know what to do tomorrow.

SWE 57 FIN 54


Sweden Team Captain Tobias Sandberg (#6): It was a good game. We came out a little bit nervous but we finished strong. We kept it together. The next game we have GB which is a much stronger team and we`ve got to go out there and scout them...We`re going for Gold.



Finland Team Captain Toni Pilspanen (10): We have to take out some of the mistakes for next time.



Finland player Leevi Ylonen (#8): The first game was good at the start but at the end we started to make some little mistakes. We’re a little disappointed because we lost but it was a pretty good start.

NZL 62 ARG 18


Argentina Team Captain Juan Foa (#5) : It was a tough game but it wasn’t as bad as we thought it could be as this is our first World Cup. We have to adjust a lot of things of course but it was a good first game for us.

(Asked how he feels about being at their first World Championship) It’s a dream. It is what we were dreaming about. We know that it is going to be difficult for us but it is a dream for us to be here. After only five years of Argentina playing wheelchair rugby it is huge for us to be here.



New Zealand Team Captain Tim Johnson (#7): We knew it wouldn’t be overly taxing . Obviously they’re a very lowly ranked team compared to us. It was a good start to the tournament. There are a few minor things, some technical stuff we need to work on but other than that it was a pretty good way to start the tournament.

USA 54 GER 37


USA player #5 Chuck Aoki: This is my first world championship. This is my first time on a big stage like this. It is really cool – awesome. It was a good start to win our first game and we’ll go from here. Germany came out well. They came out on fire. We were a little slow to start and they kept it close. We did well in the second half. This is my first world championship. It’s pretty cool. It’s awesome. This place is amazing. I’m happy to be here.

CAN 48 GBR 41


Canadian Head Coach Kevin Orr: It was a great first win for us against a very quality opponent. This is a good step for us. We felt that GB was one of the strongest teams here at the tournament so for us to come out with a win that was very good for Team Canada.



Canadian co-captain Ian Chan: I think we came out really strong today. I was expecting our guys to pull out and really come out strong and we did. We want to score as many goals as we can and as fast as possible so that we have another chance on defense to press them and maybe get a turn over.



Canadian co-captain Dave Willsie: We always know that we’re right with GB and we’re very even teams. We knew they circled this game as soon as the schedule came out so we had to match their enthusiasm and we came out flying. We’ve got 12 players that play on our team and it’s great for the coach but he has to go with who has the hot hand. We still ran 11 players and no other team will do that this week. The way we develop in Canada is unbelievable for our population.