2010WWRC Contests

Enter the Vesco Heavy Hits Competition and Win A $275 Prize Package

When you take someone out on the court, you'll earn a one-way ticket to the penalty box. From now until September 13th, however, videos of these heavy hits could win you a prize package worth $275! The 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships is teaming up with our sponsor VESCO Metalcraft to search for the best wheelchair-rugby heavy hits video. Send us your best wipeouts, take downs, and bone-rattling collisions. You can send them to use straight up or jazz them up with music and special effects.

The winner will receive a grand prize package that includes:

  • $100 cash
  • A Vesco hoodie
  • A 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships jacket.
  • A 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships t-shirt.
  • A 2010 World Wheelchair Rugby Championships water bottle.

To enter, please check out the competition page for rules and regulations here. Then, watch the launch video posted below and enter! The VESCO Heavy Hits Competition: Because pain is temporary, but glory is forever.