September 2010

Andy Barrow: Game One!

Today was our first game of the Championships against host team, Canada. A good crowd assembled inside the Richmond Oval as both teams completed their warm up. Shortly before the game, a ceremonial tip-off took place between GB’s captain, Steve Palmer and his Canadian counterpart, Garett Hickling. With all the formalities complete, it was finally game time!


Andy Barrow: 2010WWRC First Impressions!

This is the first of the reports that I’ll write from the World Championships in Vancouver. Obviously this is a very busy time for me so I don’t know how long or frequent these posts will be, but I’ll do my best to keep you up to date on our progress here in Canada.

Andy Barrow: A Week to Wait!

As an athlete, I train all year round. I endure the long, boring conditioning blocks throughout the winter. I get caught up and dragged along by the hectic playing schedule of the spring. I search for that last ten percent with my GB teammates all summer. Then, one day I wake up and notice that there’s a slight chill in the air, or that it’s beginning to get dark earlier again. And that’s when I know that it’s time to go to work again!

Travis Murao: Home Court Advantage

As we're heading into the home stretch of our preparations for the World Championships a lot of friends and family have asked about the "home court advantage" factor. They wonder if it will add more pressure, or pump us up to perform even better.