July 2010

Travis Murao: What to Expect From the Teams at the 2010WWRC Part 4: New Zealand and Australia

In this special, double-edition of our series we'll travel to the southern hemisphere to take a look at Australia and New Zealand!

Australia is currently the #2-ranked team in the world for good reason. They have arguably the best player in the game today on their roster and Coach Brad Dubberley always has them ready to perform at their best. Look for Australia to keep the ball on the ground in Ryley Batt's hands.

Travis Murao: What to Expect from the Teams at the 2010WWRC Part Trois: Japan

This edition of our series focuses on one of the speediest teams in the world. . .Japan! They are currently ranked #7 overall and have given many of the top teams in the world some close games. Japan is a good dark-horse pick to knock off one of the top-seeded teams to get a medal.

Some players to watch are:

Travis Murao: What to Expect From the Teams at the 2010WWRC Part Deux: Sweden

We will continue our journey of discovery with the #6-ranked team in the world, team Sweden. The Swedes are an up-and-coming team with a lot of relatively new faces to the international wheelchair rugby scene. They are characterized by their high-functioning and speedy high-pointers and they have been constantly improving under the tutelage of Bocci sensation Marco Dispaltro.

Some players to watch are:

Travis Murao: What to Expect From the Teams at the 2010WWRC Part 1: Great Britain

Well, we are halfway into our July training camp and things are as intense as usual with Team Canada. With September approaching, our excitement is palpable and the intensity of camp has risen another notch. I think now is a good time to review the teams coming to Worlds, so let's start the first portion of my new series:

Andy Barrow: London's Got Talent

I’m happy to say that the pace of life has been slightly more relaxed since I returned from Canada. All that remained of GB’s domestic season was the National Championships at Stoke Mandeville. London players revert back to their league teams for this tournament so bragging rights were on the line between last year's winners, “Crusaders,” and this year's league winners and form team, “Storm”.

Chris Rathje: Team Fire and Smile

We're happy to introduce our newest blogger, Chris Rathje. Chris is not only a wheelchair rugby player, but he's also a published author and runs the motivational blog "Uplifting Empire." His book "Don't Be Afraid to Eat Soup With A Fork" came out this year and can be purchased through his blog.You can check out his blog here. Welcome to the blogging team, Chris!

Team Fire & Smile

Originally Appeared Online December 16, 2008

Travis Murao: Canada Cup

Well, the Canada Cup has come and gone with another second place finish for us. I know the level of competition was quite high but I can't help feel disappointed in the result. At the same time, it is somewhat heartening to know that we are right there and more than capable of coming out on top.

This year's Canada Cup saw the emergence of a new impact player on the international scene (Daisuke Ikezaki from Japan) and the reclassification of veteran players Troye Collins (GB) and Steve Porter (AUS).