May 2010

Andy Barrow: What to do in Karlsruhe?

20 May 2010 10:46

I’m sure I had some free time after getting back from Australia, but right now I’m struggling to remember it! Preparations for Vancouver carry on relentlessly and with the European club season in full swing, it’s hard to find time to catch your breath. Last week I found myself spending a huge amount of time in my car for one reason or another.

Andy Barrow: Super Series Report

04 May 2010 09:59

It was a tough test for GB’s rookies and veterans alike at the Four Nations Super Series last week, where many of the world’s best players suited up and went into battle at the Olympic Park Sports Centre in Sydney.

GB’s brief was simple. We had come to develop our most talented new players in games of the highest standard. Opportunities to do this are few and far between but here in Australia, we had eight great chances to do just that. After chair checks and a couple of days of training, tip-off beckoned…

Nigel Goddard: The Biggest Wheelchair Rugby Tournament in the World

Nigel Goddard, referees Lyn Collins (GBR) and Kristin Opiela (GER), and Nigel's son Ricky.

Home at last

My family and I have eventually arrived back home after our extended trip to India over the Easter holiday. We had been stranded there after our flight on the 18th was cancelled because of the volcano, eventually getting home on the 29th.