Travis Murao: What to Expect from the Teams at the 2010WWRC Part Trois: Japan

This edition of our series focuses on one of the speediest teams in the world. . .Japan! They are currently ranked #7 overall and have given many of the top teams in the world some close games. Japan is a good dark-horse pick to knock off one of the top-seeded teams to get a medal.

Some players to watch are:

Daisuke Ikezaki: Daisuke exploded onto the international rugby scene with a breakout performance at this year's Canada Cup. He scooped the honors for top 3.0 and gives the Japanese team some much needed depth. His play is characterized by sick jukes and lightning fast acceleration.

Fun Fact: Dude has arm-rests on his day chair; what's up with that?

Shinichi Shimakawa: "Shin" is the veteran superstar of the Japanese squad who has won his fair share of MVP and top 3.0 awards. He is also one of the fastest players on the court. Look for Shin to beat one-on-one match-ups with quick, high-speed turns.

Fun Fact: Shin has a black belt in Ikedo!

Shin Nakazato: "Frogger" recently played his first full season in America and has shown a lot of improvement in his ball-handling ability. He has good side-to-side mobility and is capable of making good, long-range passes with his good arm. He is also quite the character on and off the court!

Fun Fact: Shin can kick a twenty yard field goal with a volleyball!