Travis Murao: What to Expect From the Teams at the 2010WWRC Part Deux: Sweden

We will continue our journey of discovery with the #6-ranked team in the world, team Sweden. The Swedes are an up-and-coming team with a lot of relatively new faces to the international wheelchair rugby scene. They are characterized by their high-functioning and speedy high-pointers and they have been constantly improving under the tutelage of Bocci sensation Marco Dispaltro.

Some players to watch are:

Per-Johan Uhlman: "PJ" is Sweden's newest 3.5 player and boasts an impressive arsenal of blazing speed and good hands. This mutton-chopped monster is quite a big fella and isn't afraid to throw his body around; when PJ is on the court expect some big hits!

Fun Fact: PJ can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in under 30 seconds!

Tobias Sandberg: "Toby" is Sweden's other soft-handed 3.5 who will see a lot of court-time at the World Championships. Toby has a deft touch with the ball and is capable of making accurate, long-distance passes to almost anywhere on the court.

Fun Fact: Toby once worked as a stunt double for Mickey Rourke in "The Wrestler"!

Stefan Jansson: Stefan is Sweden's hot-headed defensive specialist. With his trunk function he is able to play well above his class defensively but can be a liability on offense. When Stefan is on his game watch out for Sweden!

Fun Fact: Stefan is Sweden's all-time leader in penalty minutes!

Tune in next for. . .Japan!