Travis Murao: What to Expect From the Teams at the 2010WWRC - The Final Chapter: Belgium and the USA

In our final edition of our series, we will look at Belgium and the top-ranked USA!

Belgium is a veteran team with a core of seasoned rugby players who have seen a lot of international action. As such, they can be a difficult team to play, especially if you get off to a slow start.

Some players to watch are:

Lars Mertens: Lars is Belgium's 3.5 and primary ball-handler. He combines blazing speed with excellent side-to-side mobility. Look for Lars to beat all of his one-on-one matchups on offense and to stuff passes on defense!
Fun Fact: Lars pushes on 27" wheels, the largest in the game!

Ronald Verhaegen: Ronnie is considered by many to be one of the top 1.5 players in the game today. Look for him to set screens for ball-carriers on offense and break out for the long pass deep.
Fun Fact: Ronnie was the first 1.5 player to effectively use an offensive chair in international rugby!

Bob Vanacker: Bob is Belgium's team leader. He has good range on his passes and is a very cerebral player. Don't let his easy-going nature and surfer-dude appearance fool you however; he is also a fierce competitor!
Fun Fact: Bob is the only player/coach (we call him Reggie Dunlop) at this year's World Championships!

Next up. . .USA! The #1 ranked team in the world comes into this year's World Championships as a bit of a wild-card. Funding issues have kept them absent from all major international competitions but they will most certainly be a force to be reckoned with!

Some players to watch are:

Chuck Aoki: The youngest player participating at World's is also one of USA's most dynamic players. Look for Chuck to jump and hop his chair to elude defenders. Chuck is also one of my teamates at the University of Arizona!
Fun Fact: Chuck can eat 23 hotdogs in ten minutes!

Will Groulx: This speedy 2.0 is the anchor of USA's "four deuce" lineup. Will combines blazing speed with excellent range on his passes. Will also has one of the foulest mouths in rugby. Moms, cover your kid's ears when Will is around!
Fun Fact: Will has the whitest teeth in all of rugby!

Scott Hogsett: Scott was one of the stars of the Oscar-nominated documentary "Murderball." He is the American's quarterback; you will hear Scott calling plays and directing players all game! Scott is also one of the nicest players in the game known internationally for his cheerful on-court banter.
Fun Fact: "Scooter" is a new papa! Mazel Tov!